Ledger Group
Following are the Sections in the PAO(ORs)EME. Click on the section to know the heads of the Section and their contact details.

Officers posted in Ledger Groups

Sl.NoName of OfficerDesignationSectionEPABX Extn.No
1 C Srinivas Reddy Sr. Accounts Officer LG-10 204/401
2 T Uma Sankar Rao Sr. Accounts Officer LG-11,12,30,31 213
3 M Sateesh Kumar Sr. Accounts Officer LG-24 207
4 B V SrinivasuluSr. Accounts Officer LG- 23,29,32,33 211
5 D Venkateswara Rao Sr. Accounts Officer LG- 19,20,21,22 206
6 P BalaKrishna Rao Sr. Accounts Officer LG-13,14,15,16,17 214
7 M R K ChowdarySr. Accounts Officer LG-18,25,26,27,28 210
8 A Naga RajuAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-10310
9 M AparnaAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-11311
10 C V SharadaAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-12312
11 B Usha RaniAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-13313
12 K V E A N Gupta Asst.Accounts OfficerLG-14314
13 V V Ramana MurthyAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-15315
14 A VijayaAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-16316
15 M Madhavi LathaAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-17317
16 B V V S N MurtyAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-18318
17 M V MohananAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-19319
18 V R C Kumar Asst.Accounts OfficerLG-20320
19 Sai KiranAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-21321
20 A Srinivasa Rao Asst.Accounts OfficerLG-22322
21 V Lalitha Asst.Accounts OfficerLG-23323
22 M Nirmala Devi Asst.Accounts OfficerLG-24324
23 D Aruna KumariAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-25325
24 P SamyuktaAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-26326
25 V Anil KumarAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-27327
26 Malathi DayanAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-28328
27 T Seshu KumarAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-29329
28 P Madhu sudhan RaoAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-30330
29 B PadmajaAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-31 212
30 P PadmavathiAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-32 332
31 M Prasantha KumarAsst.Accounts OfficerLG-33 429
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